The Plan

Plan Name: City of Fort Lauderdale General Employees’ Retirement System

Employer and Plan Sponsor: City of Fort Lauderdale

The Plan is maintained for the exclusive benefit of eligible City employees and their beneficiaries and is considered a governmental pension plan under IRS Code Section 414(d) with a tax qualified status under IRS Code Section 401(a).


General administration and fiduciary responsibility for the operation of the Plan resides with the Board of Pension Trustees. The Board is responsible for the proper operation and administration of the Pension Plan. This includes but is not limited to records maintenance, determining eligibility and benefits of members and their beneficiaries, investing the assets of the Pension Plan and the engagement of outside consultants and other professionals as necessary.

The governing provisions of the Pension Plan are within Chapter 20, Article IV Pensions, Division 2 General Employees’ Retirement System of the City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida Code of Ordinances. A copy of the City Ordinance can be obtained online at or at the System’s website linked as GERS Pension Ordinance or from the Pension Office.

Additionally, the Pension Plan is also governed by Florida State Statutes and the Federal Internal Revenue Code.

A Summary Plan Description & Member Handbook was last updated for publication as of May 1, 2020 and contains a description of Members’ rights, obligations and benefits. This document does not contain every detail of the Pension Plan and the provisions of the Pension Plan may only be determined accurately by referring to the actual City Ordinance.

The Pension Plan is funded with contributions from the City, participating employee contributions and investment returns. A full and detailed actuarial report and other financial information including audited financial statements are available on this website linked as Financial Information.

All employee and employer contributions are held within the Pension Trust Fund, which can only be used for the exclusive benefit of Pension Plan members and their beneficiaries as well as defraying the reasonable costs of administering the Pension Plan.

The Pension Plan was closed to new membership effective as of October 1, 2007 for employees represented by the Teamsters Union, as of November 7, 2007 for employees represented by the Federation of Public Employees, and as of March 5, 2008 for any employee not covered by a bargaining unit and including new Police Cadets. New employees hired on or after these dates must enroll in the Defined Contribution 401(a) Plan administered through the City’s Finance Department if eligible.

Plan Membership:

The membership as of September 30, 2021 is as follows:

Active Members .........................558
Benefit Recipients .................1,435
DROP Participants.......................10
Terminated Vested Members....83
Total Membership.................. 2,086

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