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Below are some links to outside resources that may help in your research. Please note that some of these websites are managed by outside agencies (not the City of Fort Lauderdale or the Pension Office) and therefore we cannot vouch for the reliability and/or the appropriateness of content.

Federal Govermnment

Social Security Online The official website of the Social Security Administration
Social Security Calculator Benefit and other calculators
Internal Revenue Service The official website of the I.R.S.
State of Florida
Florida State Statutes Chapter 112; the laws that govern Florida pensions.
City of Fort Lauderdale
City of Fort Lauderdale The official website of the City of Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale Police & Fire Pension A website dedicated to the Pension Plan for our City Police Officers and Firefighters
Broward County
Broward County Links to Broward County offices

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