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To view, simply click a title. To save a form to your computer (to print out for completion later), right-click on the title and choose save (save target as or save as) from the menu that appears. You can type directly into most of the forms.

Completed Forms should be submitted to the Pension Office. While the Pension Office will not reject forms via e-mail, that method is less secure than fax or direct mail.

Currently Employed Member Forms
Designation of Beneficiary Form (Service Related Death)
Designation of Beneficiary Form (Non-Service Related Death)

Retirement Forms
Application for Early & Normal Retirement Benefits
Application to Commence Vested Deferred Retirement Benefits

Application for DROP Entry
Application for DROP Exit

Retiree and Beneficiary Forms
Application for Beneficiary Benefits
Change of Address Form
Direct Deposit Bank Account Instructions Form
2023 W-4P Federal Income Tax Withholding Form

Requests for changes of address, direct deposit banking instructions and tax withholding will be processed as soon as administratively possible and should become effective either the next or following month depending on the timing of the request. Generally the deadline is the 15th of the current month to effect effect changes for the following month.



The Pension Office is the main point of contact for all pension related matters especially after retirement.

It is imperative that address changes are filed directly with the Pension Office after relocating to ensure delivery of important notices and annual tax withholding reporting. Merely changing an address with the Post Office does not automatically extend to other parties including the Pension Office.




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