If you leave employment with the City, have contributed to the Pension Plan for less than five years and/or are not age 55 or over, you are not eligible for normal retirement benefits. You will receive a refund of your contributions plus interest accrued at 3% per year, compounded annually on December 31st.  Contact the Pension Office at least 2 weeks prior to the last day you will be on the payroll to get information on your current pension amount along with the refund forms.

If you leave employment with the City and meet the criteria for a normal, early, or vested pension, contact the Pension Office to apply for benefits at least 45 days prior to the last day you will be on the payroll.

If you die while employed by the City, claims for death benefits will be paid in accordance with the terms of the Plan and the "Designation of Beneficiary Form" you have on file in the Pension Office.  To change your beneficiary, contact the Pension Office.  Be sure to keep the form up to date when circumstances change in your personal life.

If you become sick or injured while employed by the City, you may file a claim for disability benefits if you expect an illness or injury to prevent you from working longer than 90 days. Disability benefits may be awarded retroactively for a period not exceeding 6 months from submission of a completed application.  Contact the Pension Office to file a claim for benefits. Claims for disability benefits will be given full and fair consideration by the Board based on the facts in the situation and evidence provided by a medical board of at least two doctors.  You will receive written notice of the Board's decision.

Should your claim be denied, you would receive a written notice outlining the specific reasons for the denial. You may ask for a formal hearing before the Board to present evidence or make statements relevant to the Board's review of its decision.  You have the right to review all pertinent documents. Within 30 days following the hearing, you will receive written notice of the Board's decision.

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