You are eligible for a normal retirement pension as of the first day of the month following either:
attainment of age 55
with 5 years of service or
completion of 30 years of service
regardless of age.

You will then receive the retirement benefit on the first of each month continuing for your lifetime.  Read below to see how the benefit is calculated.

The Plan is a defined benefit program that uses a formula based on multiplying your final average salary and the service accrual factor (based on your years of service) to calculate the amount of your benefit.

The final average salary is found by adding your highest 2 years of earnings during your last 5 years of employment and dividing the sum by 24 months. Earnings include base wages, assignment pay, shift pay, academic incentive pay, and longevity pay.

The service accrual factor is equal to 3% multiplied by the first 25 years of service plus 2.5% multiplied by years of service beyond 25 years. The maximum accrual factor is 90%.

Years of service are accrued from your pension date of hire until your employment terminates. After attaining membership in the Plan, service continues to accrue during periods in the United States armed forces, vacation, suspension, and authorized leaves of absence, providing member contributions have been paid. Service continues to accrue during periods of approved disability but member contributions are not required.  Members who reach the maximum 90% accrual factor are no longer required to contribute.

Example of Normal Retirement Benefits

The following is a calculation of monthly retirement benefits for a 55-year-old member who earned $33,750 this year, $32,250 last year, and has 27 years of service.

Final average monthly earnings:

current year earnings

prior year earnings
divided by 24 months = $2,750

Service accrual factor:

25 years of service x 3% =

2 years x 2.5%
Accrual factor is:

The Calculation:

Average monthly earnings:

Multiplied by factor:
    x  80.0%
Monthly pension benefit =


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